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      TriLink Huihuang was approved to establish Jinhua High-tech R&D Center in 2008.
      TriLink Huihuang was granted as a State High-tech Enterprise in 2013.
      Trilink Huihuang was approved to establish Jinhua Technical Center in 2014.
      Trilink Huihuang was approved to establish Zhejiang High-tech R&D Center in 2014.
      TriLink Huihuang R&D Center has exquisite facilities and detection equipments, and has two technology labs and quality testing labs. The Center also has the experiment, test condition and infrastructures that may achieve the scientific research and development, achievement transformation and industrial application of new and high technologies. The building area for the scientific research is 4,000 square meters and it is being expanded. The independent financial accounting carries out appropriation every year in accordance with the items and it can ensure the implementation of the capital required for the center construction and in the process of the development. TriLink Huihuang R&D Center has independent intellectual property in the declaration field and high-tech transformation field of the traditional industries.

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