To be the Global Leader in the Manufacturing and Distribution of Saw Chain and Guide Bar.   
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    Jinhua TriLink Huihuang Co., LTD.will participate

Jinhua TriLink Huihuang Co., LTD.h

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TriLink Huihuang 10th Anniversary

    In the goldern October 2014, we were all here to

        Jinhua TriLink Huihuang Co. LTD is a joint venture Company established by an American Company TriLink Saw Chain LLC and Chinese Company Jinhua Huihuang Hardware Co. LTD in October 2004.It specializes in manufacturing saw chain and guide bar for chain saws and other accessories for forestry industry tools. Company is located in Jinhua National Industrial Park,5 km away from the Jinhua downtown area.
        TriLink Huihuang is the biggest saw chain and guide bar manufacturer in China. It has 

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